I’m not a grocery store flight attendant

kaboompics.com_Girl at the water


“Grocery store flight attendant” was a phrase that I did not become familiar with until my very first international flight.

I was all hyped up about the big day – my nails were freshly painted and my hair was perfectly plastered into place. I sat down in the briefing room and proudly announced,

“Hey guys! This is my first international flight!”

Thankfully the crew didn’t laugh at my over-eager antics, but I quickly discovered that I would most likely be exploring Amsterdam on my own.

Why? Because the blessed senior mamas of the airline industry have a very strict routine when it comes to international flights, and they adhere to their schedule religiously.

Step one: check into hotel

Step two: sleep

Step three: go to grocery store

Step four: sleep some more

Step five: eat food purchased at aforementioned grocery store

Step six: sleep

Then we all load up and fly home.

But guess what? I’m a new hire flight attendant. And guess what else? There are lots of grocery stores back home.

Let’s go exploring!


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