Are you my mother?


The amount of children traveling without parents (referred to in the airline industry as “unaccompanied minors”) rises significantly during the summer months. These tiny passengers are [generally] well-traveled and accustomed to the ins and outs of aviation.

However, on occasion there will be a child or two who has never flown before.

Such was the case on my flight a couple of weeks ago, when a brother/sister pair marched onto the plane wearing matching straw fedoras. They proudly announced that this was their first flight ever, and our kind captain invited them into the flight deck and gave them plastic gold wings.

I introduced myself to them, and showed them to their seats. The brother, who was younger by approximately 2 years, gallantly offered the window seat to his older sister, and my heart began to slowly melt as I watched them settle into place. I directed their attention to the nearest exits, and instructed them on safety procedures.

Then I moved on to assist with the rest of the boarding process.

Later on during the flight, when I approached their row with my beverage cart, the little boy politely said,

“Excuse me, if we brought our own lunch, is it ok for us to unpack it and eat?” 

Oh my goodness – if every passenger had manners like that, my job would literally be the best job in the entire world.

Welcome aboard, little travelers. 


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